Monday, May 2, 2016

Twins & Teens

As a stay at home mom to nearly four year old twin boys and a near 16 year old teenage daughter, I have my hands (and my heart) full. And by full, I mean full of stories, tales, turmoils, destruction, laughter, OMG moments, and lots and lots of once in a lifetime memories!

As hectic as my life is on a day to day basis, I wouldn't change it for the world! Admittedly, I would make a few changes if I received a few million dollars! And I'd probably start with a full time nanny, nurse, maid, and cook! I'd probably throw in a full time in house therapist, because Lord knows we need one of those. But reality tells me that such fantasies are more harmful than helpful and so I'll take my kiddos and our never ending list of issues and live the life that I have been chosen for.

Speaking of this life I've been chosen for, I have to admit, no matter how hectic life can get, I am happiest when I'm at home in the midst of a stare down with the people who mean the most to me. My husband, my daughter, my sons.

Let me introduce you to my life.

My husband and I are going on ten years of marriage. We met online (eHarmony), while he was deployed to Iraq. He returned home, I picked him up, and three days later, I became an Army Wife. I should add that we secretly eloped and later had a beautiful wedding. Within months, I left my job, the city that I loved, packed up my then six year old daughter and began an adventure that would take us all around the world and would bring me great joy and unfortunately much pain. I am currently very happily (and miserably, depending on what day it is), married to my very best friend and biggest supporter. We have survived losses that most couples never recover from and I am so very proud to call him my other half!

I have a very emotional and high maintenance 15 year old daughter who will be celebrating her Sweet 16 in a matter of weeks! I think I'm more excited than she is. Definitely more excited than my husband is. My daughter and I toy the line between parents and friends and I must admit sometimes those lines become blurred. While I appreciate being her friend, being her parent is my number one priority and she does not always understand or agree with that. It makes for an interesting relationship, let me tell you! More importantly, my daughter is my biggest cheerleader. For many years of her life, when you include my husband's deployments, it's been just she and I. Sometimes she's had to step up in ways that other girls her age never have to. On the other hand, she's led a very privileged and sheltered life, much different than my own or that of my husband's and in today's world of social media, it's created a level of entitlement.

I also have a 13 year old step daughter who usually lives with us full time. Unfortunately, when her father deployed two years ago and she went home to see her mom for the summer, she never came back. Last year, my husband returned home from his third deployment and the court drama began and is still ongoing. However, my (step) daughter, who I hate to refer to as my step daughter, is truly the most creative and kindest person that you will ever meet. She is the type that will invite the entire school to her birthday party and then have a big exchange of gifts so that everyone leaves with something they love. She is my little helper and hugger and she truly has a genuine giving heart.

Then there are the twins. Oh, twins...They say twins are so special, so awesome, so deeply anticipated and desired. So...Neat. Let me assure you, our twin boys are nothing but neat! As a matter of fact, as I type this, I am quite sure that they are pulling all of the boxes off the top of my daughter's closet, to retrieve a ball that mysteriously got thrown up there in a fit of rage. Now, both boys know that Sissy's room is OFF LIMITS, as well as ball throwing. But both boys also begin speaking another language when it comes to disciplinary actions and I'm not sure that we ever see eye to eye on any issues of that sort. However, my twins, as neat and tumultuous as they may be, are indeed the most amazing miracles in my life. My husband and I both dealt with Secondary Infertility. After years of naturally trying, adding infertility drugs, adding infertility procedures, freezing sperm, and surviving multiple losses, my husband and I became the very proud parents of two precious little boys who were born on Cinco de Mayo. I actually got pregnant while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, but that's another story for a different time.

Then there's me. A stay at home mom who loves her kids, but occasionally tries to run away from them. I still date my husband and even though we both aren't the same people that we married (and thank God for that), I am still insanely attracted to him. My husband and I are respite providers for foster parents and we are currently temporary guardians to my daughter's 16 year old best friend, who now lives with us after recently being removed from her home.

We have a busy household, which means that  I am always looking for a steal of a deal in order to keep our household going. I review products on Amazon for free or deeply discounted in exchange for my review and it's a great way to get items that I really want and need at a really affordable price. Convenience is important to me. I love to craft and as much of a headache it is to my husband, I celebrate every holiday and we entertain a lot. I am an event planner. I plan everything from business luncheons to weddings to themed birthday parties. I LOVE creating lasting memories. I also love to write. This blog is sort of a tribute to the things that I have been through, am going through and look forward to, from the eyes of an Army Wife and a Mom of Twins and Teens

Welcome to my world!

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